Lincoln Land Community College

Location- Springfield, IL

Degrees Offered- GED, Certificates, Associate degrees, Transfer degrees

Student Population- ~7,000 (credit and non-credit)

Student-to-Teacher ratio-33:1

Tuition- $7,500/semester

Lincoln Land Community College (LLCC) is dedicated to providing district residents with quality educational programs and services that are accessible, affordable and responsive to individual and community needs.

Lincoln Land has stackable certificates, one-year programs and an associate in Agricultural Watershed and Landscape Lake Management. Through the Consortium and TAACCCT grant, students will be trained for careers that focus on the safety of our water supply found in filtering systems. The programs are closely connected to agriculture and result in careers managing the runoff of chemicals into rivers, lakes, and streams.

LLCC has partnered with several local organizations to create educational and research opportunities dedicated to the promotion of enhanced nutrient stewardship and implementation of voluntary agricultural best management practices to reduce nutrient losses, promote soil health and improve water quality in Illinois surface waters and those waters leaving our state.

Lincoln Land Community College operates an agricultural land lab that is part of the Lake Springfield watershed. Located next to campus, it serves as our programmatic laboratory and location for outdoor practicums.